• Online TV anywhere

    Watch all Ethiopia Movies, Ethiopia Music, Bengali natok, Bengali movies, Indian Movies and all other programs on multiple devices.

    IPTV WORLD INC gives you the power to watch at your convenience at any device.

  • Hundreds of Online TV Channels

    IPTV WORLD brings you the best of African programs like Ethiopia Movies, Ethiopia Music, EBS, EBS Music and EBS Cinema, Bengali Movies and Bengali Natok, Indian Movies, Videos and Pay per View content to you! – sign up today and Watch Online TV and iptv streams instantly!

  • Premium Streaming

    IPTV WORLD online streams and online tv uses premium CDN based streams to deliver the best possible picture and quality, so you can enjoy! watch Ethiopia Movies and Bengali natok, EBS and Ethiopia TV instantly! sign up today!

  • Video On Demand & Pay-per-View

    IPTV WORLD lets you watch all the latest TV serials, Ethiopia Movies, cooking shows, cartoons, Indian and Belgali Movies, and much more at your own convenience through our Video On Demand Feature. Latest movies and events will be premiered as Pay per View so you wont miss out on the latest movies and events played back home in the convenience of your living room.

  • Deliver Live H.264 Everywhere

    Deliver live video and audio streams to any player, any device, over any protocol using IPTV WORLD INC simultaneously, from a single set of source live streams. You can even transform non-H.264 live content to adaptive bitrate streams for any screen.

  • Use Any H.264 Encoder

    IPTV WORLD INC works with the broadest range of encoders – from free software RTMP encoders to the broadcast-grade MPEG-TS hardware – so you can choose the best encoding solution for your needs or repurpose the encoders you already have. Using IPTV WORLD INC we can even handle MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 (part 2) streams to create single or adaptive bitrate H.264 streams consumable on any screen.


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